• 99.9% Dimethylpropanoic (CH3)3CCO2H
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      99.9% Dimethylpropanoic (CH3)3CCO2H

      Dimethylpropanoic is a carboxylic acid with a molecular formula of (CH3)3CCO2H. This colourless, odiferous organic compound is solid at room temperature. Industrial route Pivalic acid is prepared by"hydrocarboxylation"of isobutene via the Koch reaction: (CH3)2C=CH2...
    • 99.5% Dimethylpropanoic C5H10O2
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      99.5% Dimethylpropanoic C5H10O2

      Applications Relative to esters of most carboxylic acids, esters of pivalic acid are unusually resistant to hydrolysis. Some applications result from this thermal stability. Polymers derived from pivalate esters of vinyl alcohol are highly reflective lacquers. The pivaloyl...
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