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Preparation Method Of Chloro-Amyl Chloride

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Chloro-Amyl chloride is a colorless irritant liquid, B. P 85~86℃/8 kpa, n20d 1.4530, relative density 1. $number, F. P. 62 ℃, soluble in ethers.

Chloro-Amyl is an intermediate of herbicide-like and bad-weed.

Used as a pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate for the synthesis of pesticides and herbicides

The preparation method is to add 3-chloro-amyl acid and thionyl chloride in the reaction flask, heat the reaction, Chloropivaloyl Chloride evaporate the remaining thionyl chloride after the reaction, and then distill the product under decompression.

The preparation method of chloro-amyl chloride, specifically, it involves the preparation of isoamyl chloride with the use of isoamyl acid as the starting material, chlorination by trichloride, and the synthesis of chlorine by gas-phase photocatalytic chlorination of the special amyl chloride by reactive distillation and then by vacuum distillation. The method of the invention effectively inhibits the generation of polychlorinated generation, Chloropivaloyl Chloride the invention has the advantages of simple production technology, safe operation, no pollution, Chloropivaloyl Chloride low production cost and high product quality.

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