• 98.5% Chloroacetic Acid Flakes C2H3ClO2
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      98.5% Chloroacetic Acid Flakes C2H3ClO2

      Safety Like other chloroacetic acids and related halocarbons, chloroacetic acid is a hazardous alkylating agent. The LD50 for rats is 76 mg/kg. Chloroacetic acid easily penetrates skin and mucous membranes and interferes with cellular energy production. Initial dermal...
    • 99% Chloroacetic Acid Flakes CH2ClCOOH
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      99% Chloroacetic Acid Flakes CH2ClCOOH

      Chloroacetic acid, industrially known as monochloroacetic acid (MCA) is the organochlorine compound with the formula ClCH2CO2H. This carboxylic acidis a useful building-block in organic synthesis. Illustrative of its usefulness in organic chemistry is the O-alkylation...
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