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Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA)

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2016

 MONOCHLOROACETIC ACID (MCAA) 97.5%, 98%, 99%  min (China origin)

Key words: MCAA, Chloroacetic acid, carboxymethyl cellulose, herbicides, glycine

Molecular Formula: C2H3ClO2
CAS No. 79-11-8

APPLICATION: of MCAA is production of CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose), herbicides, ethyl chloroacetate, glycine, synthetic caffeine, sarcosine, thioglycolic acid and others.

We can provide in the form of flakes 98%min and crystals 97.5%min, Dichloroacetic Acid, % ≤ 1.2, Crystallization point, C ≥ 60.
In case of special requirements, we are able to adjust the quality of the product to your specific needs (e.g. main content up to 99%, dicloroacetic acid content down to 0.7%).

FORM: flakes and crystals

Packaging: 25, 1000 kg bags on pallets, big bags are also available

Delivery terms: CIF Any port    

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                    James xu


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