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Chloroacetic acid use and production

Shandong Minji Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2016

Chloroacetic acid for dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, resins and intermediates in organic synthesis. For the production of Indigo dyestuff industry pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of caffeine, phenobarbital, adrenaline, vitamin B6, amino acid; industry for the manufacture of Dimethoate pesticides, herbicides, 2,4-D-ester, 2,4,5-t, thiocyanate acetic acid and naphthalene acetic acid.

Domestic chloroacetic acid production by batch chlorinated method, namely chlorine and acetic acid as raw material, using sulfur catalyst by chlorination, crystallization, filtration, centrifugal processes chloroacetic acid products. The process is simple, low investment, easy to operate controls.

Chloroacetic acid production in foreign countries there are basically two methods. One is the chlorination of acetic acid chlorine, United States and Canada use this route. Another method is to trichloroethylene using sulfuric acid hydrolysis, using this route are mostly Western European countries. Continuous versus intermittent compared to the chlorination, has the following three advantages of scale sophomore advanced production technology, product quality and high pollution is less corrosion

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